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Large "Yayoi Hime" grains with a rich flavor.
If you want to eat it, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture.
"Yayoi Hime," born in Gunma Prefecture, is characterized by its rich flavor, large size, and beautiful cut surface.
Fujioka City in Gunma Prefecture produces the largest amount of such "Yayoi Hime".
Fujioka City also has an expressway interchange, so a strawberry trip together with a trip to Karuizawa or Kusatsu Onsen is also a good idea.


Beautiful cut surface,Processed products also look good.
Strong sweetness and savory flavor,Rich and well-balanced flavor.
Because they are large, you can eat them as they are.It's very satisfying.


We have plans to fully enjoy Fujioka strawberries, such as "Strawberry picking experience" and "Strawberry sweets making"!
We also sell products using strawberries.



"Fujioka Strawberry Members" has a lot to offer, such as selling members-only strawberry products and disseminating Fujioka Strawberry information faster than anywhere else.

Gunma Prefecture is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago.
Fujioka City, located in the southern part of the prefecture, is a major strawberry production area.

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