Fujioka City is a "strawberry town'' that has good access from the city center and is close to tourist spots such as Karuizawa and Kusatsu Onsen. Have a strawberry journey!
    "Yayoihime" production volume No.1
    This is a sacred place for strawberries,
    with the largest production of Gunma Prefecture's branded strawberry "Yayoihime."
    Arrive in 2 hours from Tokyo.
    There is an expressway interchange, and you can access the strawberry town of Fujioka in about 2 hours from Tokyo.
    There are attractive sightseeing spots nearby
    It's close to attractive sightseeing spots such as Kusatsu Onsen and Karuizawa, so you can enjoy a variety of "strawberry trips".
Gunma Prefecture is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago.
Fujioka City, located in the southern part of the prefecture, is a major strawberry production area.

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